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Poké? Yes Please!

If you are here because you thought this would be a Pokémon story, I am sorry ?. But, hey, don’t be too disappointed yet, because we are talking about healthy, delicious and affordable food this time!! It’s been a while since we discussed food matters on the channel, but the last few weeks have been pretty hectic…

Hint: posts about Barcelona, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and more are coming up very very soon ?? ??

Last month, Poké Bowl has opened its store in Rotterdam at the Hoogstraat and since then I have visited three times. Ever heard of Poké? Yup look at that picture down here, that is a poké bowl. It was not until recently that I heard about this concept. My opinion? Whoever invented this is a genius!

Some seats to enjoy your pokebowl in the store!

Some seats to enjoy your pokebowl in the store!

So, how does it work? You basically follow five steps to make your own personalised bowl.  Starting with the base, you can choose between rice, rice with lettuce, lettuce only or you could opt for a burrito. Then you proceed to picking your protein: salmon, tuna, surimi, shrimp, grilled chicken or fried tofu. After your protein, you pick four mix-ins (mostly veggies). Then you continue to choose a dressing and you top it off with three toppings.

Can I just add everything? ?


Poké Bowl offers four kinds of dressing: Poké dressing, Sesam dressing, Sriracha mayo and Wasabi dressing. I have only tried the first two, because I wasn’t daring enough to choose the spicy ones hehe. Maybe next time?

Between the Sesam dressing and the Poké dressing, I prefer the latter one on the salmon bowl. It tastes like a mixture between soya sauce and vinegar so I felt as if I was eating sushi?. As for the Sesam dressing, it was really nice on the grilled chicken. This one has a somewhat thicker consistency compared to the Poké dressing and the flavour is completely different because of the mayonnaise.


Cucumber, seaweed salad, avocado, carrot, mango…this step is so difficult because I like everything ? ?
As mentioned before, you can choose in total 4 mix-ins out of 11 choices. The mix-ins are either veggies or fruits, so this definitely contributes to a very healthy bowl! You can choose something either sweet, savoury or neutral. The mix-ins are: Cucumber, edamame, seaweed salad, red cabbage, mango, corn, Japanese radish, beetroot, carrot, red onion, and avocado.


Poké Bowl also offers smoothies. You can make your own in two steps: first a base and then the choice between two veggies or fruits. For the base, you can either choose coconut water, apple juice, yogurt or soy milk. The second step and last step is that you choose two from the following: melon, mango, avocado, cucumber and pineapple. By the way, coconut water, mango and melon makes a great combi!

I highly recommend this place, especially if you are looking for a healthy lunch or dinner. The price is so affordable (8,50 euros for a bowl), the service is great and everything is so fresh! It’s a pity that it is not suitable for big group meals because of the limited space. Maybe a nice tip for those who prefer food delivered to their doorsteps: Poké Bowl delivers on Monday and Wednesday in the afternoon ?.



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