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Insanitea, anyone?

The sun is shining brighter than ever and the temperature is slowly increasing, thus we can finally say summer is here! We thought we will share with you a location in Rotterdam where we hang out very often, that is YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar. YoYo has three locations in Rotterdam, one nearby the Central Station, one at Rodezand (close to where V&D used to be), and one in the Markthal. Besides Rotterdam, they also have locations in Amsterdam, The Hague and even South-Korea!

What is so special about YoYo? BUBBLE TEA. Do I need to say more?

Besides that they sell my favourite drink, their stores always have a nice atmosphere. Their cute interior makes it the perfect place to sit down and have a chat, although the YoYo! at Markthal can be quite busy sometimes. If you are looking for a cozier spot to chill with friends we recommend the Rodezand and Kruisplein locations.

A little over a month ago when we were at YoYo! Rodezand, we saw that they launched a new kind of drink: the Insaniteas. These new beverages are served in jar mugs with sweet toppings. They look super lovely in the menu picture, so we thought why not give it a try? In the end, we tried all three different flavoured Insaniteas. Truth to be told, we never had something close to this one – so much sweetness and creativity in a mug!

Below, we will present you the three kinds of Insaniteas that YoYo! offers and what we thought about them.

YOYO! Insanitea

This one is considered the most ordinary Insanitea compared to the other two due to its taste and its simple yet cute composition. A generous amount of yellow cornflakes, two different kinds of plain cookies, Belly Buttons biscuits (肚脐饼) and a fortune cookie are placed on top of the whip cream, which wasn’t quite a good idea because of the whip cream’s weak adhesive power. It took less than a minute for some of the toppings to slide down from my drink, which you can see in the pictures. So for those who are planning on taking this YoYo! Insanitea make sure to have fast photography skills if you want to take some pictures while the Insanitea is still intact. This beverage only contains the classic Hong Kong milktea and tapioca but with a scoop of vanilla ice cream floating inside. Because we were chitchatting so much that day, the vanilla ice cream melted after several sips and straw rotations.

The mixture of melted vanilla ice cream and Hong Kong milktea tasted more like milkshake afterwards and the consistency was heavier. So a tip for those who wants to enjoy the bubble tea more rather than a milkshake, try to eat the ice cream a little bit first and try not to let the whole scoop melt entirely in the mug (otherwise it will taste a bit like milkshake).

When all the cookies are slipping away...

When all the cookies are slipping away...

Uh-Oh.. two cookies fell off ?

Uh-Oh.. two cookies fell off ?

A close-up of the YoYo! Insanitea when it is still intact

A close-up of the YoYo! Insanitea when it is still intact

What I really liked about this variant is the fortune cookie because you get to enjoy the drink while you also receive a little message from your cookie! This variant is definitely good to opt for if you feel like having a not too sweet tasting Insanitea.

Strawberry Insanitea


 Hmmm where do I start with this one? First, take a look at the drink, doesn’t it look super pretty and delicious? This Insanitea is in our opinion the sweetest one among the three. Are you into sugary stuff and you like strawberry, then you should definitely give this one a try. The strawberry shake is topped with Pocky sticks, whip cream, cotton candy, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, some marshmallows, and bite-size cookies (Belly Button biscuits). What’s really special about this one is that it also includes an ice cream cone.

A great tip is to take the ice cream cone out and scoop some whip cream with pink sprinkles into it. Voilà, now you have got yourself a drink and an ice cream in a cone as well, just like in the pictures below!

strawberry-insanitea-3-ice-cream        strawberry-insanitea-2-ice-cream
Before you try it, I do want to warn you about the sugar overdose! This beverage is not only a very sweet strawberry shake, but it also contains a good amount of strawberry poppings, marshmallows and cotton candy. All of the above mentioned contributed greatly to increasing the drink’s level of sweetness, and the strawberry’s flavour was thus super strong. Among the three Insaniteas, the Strawberry Insanitea has the cutest, girliest, and most creative arrangement.

Furthermore, for those who is not a fan of tapiocas, then this drink is for you because it contains strawberry poppings instead. This Insanitea is worth trying if you are a strawberry fan or have a sweet tooth. And if you are anything like us, you wouldn’t start drinking it without taking a few photos.

Nutella Insanitea


For all the ardent chocolate lovers out there, you are bound to love this Nutella Insanitea just like us! This is definitely the star item of the three Insanitea drinks, with Nutella chocolate smeared on the rim of the mug so the broken pieces of chocolate chip cookies could stick onto it, which works pretty great because the cookies did not fall off very fast like the YoYo! Insanitea. Like all the other Insaniteas, this one is also topped with whip cream, cocoa krispies, two small rectangle pieces of chocolate, and two Pocky chocolate sticks attached to the whip cream. I was quite happy that there were no Belly Buttons biscuits sprinkled on top of this drink (not that it would fit the chocolate theme- I cannot imagine having chocolate versions of this neither) since I am not a big fan of them because of its overly sweet taste.

nutella-insanitea-5Despite that this Insanitea is labeled as chocolate-flavoured, I can deliberately taste the Hong Kong milktea, but of course mixed with some light chocolate powder (you can also see it in the color of the drink). The content of the Nutella Insanitea is amazingly satisfying for chocolate and bubble tea lovers like us- imagine this: milktea with tapioca, Nutella chocolate paste coated on the inner body and base of the mug, and to top it all off, it has a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. It was like heaven. Alright, not exactly like that since we were sipping our drinks while consciously reminding ourselves that our exams are still not over yet and that we should probably finish it as soon as possible and resume studying (haha, just kidding we’re queens of procrastination).


Overall, this drink surely did leave a good impression on us because the chocolate milktea wasn’t too sweet despite the topping and the Nutella paste. Ordering this surely felt like that we ordered a bubble tea AND desserts (the topping contains large pieces of cookies and whip cream and Pocky sticks) together as a combo. After trying all three Insaniteas, Nutella Insanitea is definitely our favorite <3. nutella-insanitea-3nutella-insanitea-4


On another note, it’s quite interesting how YoYo! keeps up with the motives of Asian snacks and culture hidden in their new menu items. Think about the fortune cookie, the Pocky sticks, Belly Button biscuits. Indeed, YoYo! is doing a great job since it aims at creating an oriental vibe while we consume bubble teas or their other drinks at their tea bar. Anyway, since vacation has officially started it is time to celebrate with some sweetness!

Note: the Insaniteas are currently only available at YoYo! Rodezand, Rotterdam.

Until next time!


Rodezand 23a
3011 AM Rotterdam

Daily 12:00 – 20:00
Friday 12:00 – 22:00


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