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First time Caribbean food in Rotterdam

You know what amazed us a lot? When we coincidentally stumbled across a Caribbean restaurant one night while we were on our way home. We literally stopped and stared at the name board that has an Aruban flag painted along the “Taberna Dushi”. Without hesitation, we told each other that we should definitely visit this place one day and taste the nostalgic Caribbean food, which we haven’t had for a long time!

We wanted to lunch there but found out they were only open from 17:00 till 22:00 when we arrived at the place. It was such a failure because we were longing for some Caribbean food, but we returned for dinner when it was exactly 5 o’clock to satisfy our cravings.

The restaurant definitely gave us the feeling of being in a Caribbean place, as it is themed colourfully with the Caribbean vibe that is visible in their interior design. Mini cactuses, receipts stationed in conch seashells and Caribbean drinks.

The menu consists of four sections in which you can choose meat, fish, vegetarian dishes and desserts. The dishes range from €3.50 to €15.50. They also suggested that we should choose four dishes for two people since they come in small serving sizes. However, we ordered three dishes and we were so full afterwards that we were happy we didn’t choose a fourth dish.

Both of us chose soft drinks: Ting and Fernandes. Ting is known as a very popular beverage in the Caribbean as it is made in Jamaica. It was our first time trying this grapefruit lemonade, which had a  sweet and slight bitter taste. We also choose the cherry bouquet of Fernandes. Upon tasting, it immediately reminded us of the popular ‘refresco cora’ which we used to drink on the island. The drink is super-sweet, especially great for when you are in need of an energy-boost.

The three dishes we chose were:
Funchi cu keshi
Carni Stoba
Dorade from the oven

The food was very filling, despite that the portions were relatively small. We even brought home the remaining carni stoba that we couldn’t finish (#girl-struggles). Also, the appearance of the dishes were more on the homemade side rather than the fancy look.

Funchi cu keshi
For those who don’t know, funchi is a staple in the Caribbean (eaten instead of rice or bread). Although it looks like fried potatoes, funchi is made of cornmeal and thus has a soft texture. Taberna Dushi offered the funchi fried and topped with cheese, which taste really good especially if you are a big cheese lover like Summer. It had been such a long time since we last had some funchi that we couldn’t stop eating it.  


Carni Stoba
Carni stoba literally means meat stew in Papiamento, which is also one of the popular dishes in the Caribbean. This dish was served in a superly adorable little pot and a cherry tomato on top for decoration. It was surprising how many pieces of beef could fit in the small pot. Also worth mentioning that the meat was quite soft and cut in medium size. Furthermore, half of the pot was filled with sauce so there was enough to dip. If you have never tried Caribbean food before, you should definitely try this one as it is one of the Dutch Caribbean islands’ signature dish.


Dorade with creole sauce
This fish dish was our favourite! The fish was prepared in the oven, but not dry as some other places offer it. It was very savoury and came with two kind of sauces. The first one is a sauce made from tomatoes, carrot, red bell pepper and celery and celery (served in a big bowl with spoon). Both of us liked this sauce better. The other one was made from Madame Jeanette, carrot and onions. There was a mild spicy taste, but we did not like it very much. Actually the fish was savoury enough to be eaten without sauce.


It was a pity that we couldn’t try the desserts this time because we had a meeting coming up. But don’t be too sad because we will surely try them in the future and let you know 🙂

Until next time,

Summer and Emily

Taberna dushi
Pannekoekstraat 40a
3011 LH Rotterdam


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