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Asian snacks & desserts at Foo concepts, Rotterdam

If you love food and you have been to Asia, you know there is a lot of diversity, but also interesting snacks and desserts. Do you like matcha flavour and have you tried egg waffles before? More and more cafes are serving Asian desserts and snacks here in the Netherlands. One of them is Foo Concepts. They opened their cafe in July 2017 and they have matcha and egg waffles! I have already visited them many times. Since they opened they keep developing their menu and experiment with different flavours.

Foo concepts is an Asian fusion lifestyle cafe situated on the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam. This street is full of restaurants, little shops and cafes. I hardly come on this street, so I didn’t know what kind of shops there are. Foo concepts is a small cafe, it has a mix of blue and white with decorations of Asian products and anime figures everywhere. There is also a huge painting on the wall of their blue mascot Foo dressed up as different types of anime characters. Can you recognize them all?

Egg waffles, sweet and savoury

Their main dish is the egg waffle, a famous street food snack in Hong Kong. Also knowns as gai daan jai (鷄蛋仔). It is made with an eggy dough that is cooked between two hot plates with semi-spherical cells. Originally they are eaten plain, but nowadays they are also served with fruits, ice cream and other stuff like nuts chocolate or grated coconut.

Hong Kong is also the place where I first heard and tried the egg waffle. They differ from the normal square shaped Belgian waffle. They are bubble shaped, more thinner and more crunchier, while the Belgian ones are soft and thicker. This was in November 2014 and I still remember the taste. When I heard that in Rotterdam a place will open which sells egg waffles, I really needed to try it out.

Foo concept started serving the egg waffle with whip cream, one scoop of ice cream, and some toppings, which you can choose yourself. When you eat it, you have to be careful that all your toppings doesn’t fall off. You also get quite a big scoop of ice cream! It is really delicious and the egg waffle is just as crunchy as I remembered. I like to break it’s bubble off and eat them bit by bit. I tried the one with matcha ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, red fruits and caramel syrup and the flavour is really nice! Besides plain dough, you can also choose for egg waffles with matcha, strawberry, and chocolate flavour in the dough.

  Beside sweet egg waffles, they also have them with savoury flavours, like pulled pork, smoked salmon and chicken teriyaki. I am used to egg waffles or waffles in general that are accompanied with something sweet, so I didn’t know what to expect from this combination. The result is good! It feels like you are eating the savoury flavours with a bit of sweet, soft and crunchy bread/cookie. The egg waffle was a bit soft though, that might be due to the sauce.

Cakes in different Asian flavours

Besides matcha flavour, Foo concepts also experiments with other Asian flavours, like in their cakes. Do you like black sesame, taro, lychee or goji berries? Well, they might have a cake for you. At the moment they do not necessarily have the same flavour cake every week, but they experiment with different flavours and combination now and then, which they announce on their social media channels e.g. Facebook, Instagram.


Foo concepts does not only combina flavours together, but their cakes are also a feast to the eye. I tried out their matcha and taro cheesecake, the black sesame tofu cheesecake with oreo, the goji lychee cheesecake with coconut and goji and their vanilla sponge cake with matcha. All of them have a soft texture and some of the flavours are stronger than others. I especially like the matcha and taro cheesecake due to their soft texture which melts in your mouth and the subtle flavour. I am glad they are also not too sweet.

Colourful latte

If you like their creative and colourful food, you might also be interested in the Asian drinks they have. Besides regular drinks, like coffee, hot chocolate and tea, you can choose from a purple (taro), yellow (kurkuma), green (matcha) or pink (beetroot) latte or drinks with goji berries. For the latte you can choose for soya milk or almond milk instead of normal milk. I really love to drink almond milk, it makes the latte taste less fatty, but still creamy, without making it tasteless or watery. These drinks can also be served cold during all season. They also have different Hong Kong style drinks and tea to choose from.

Foo Concepts is a nice and cosy place to relax. You can come to enjoy a delicious drink with some cake or egg waffle, but they also have sushi sandwich and you can mix to make your own lunch. If you want to try a bit from everything, you can go for their High Tea Plate. Enough to try out!

Hoogstraat 67A

3011PH Rotterdam

Sunday 12:00 – 19:00
Tuesday & Wednesday 11:00 – 19:00
Thursday – Saturday 11:00 – 20:00


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