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What about good things?

Hallo | 你好| Hola | 여보세요 | Hello friends!

We are three International Business Administration students from the Netherlands, ready to fill in a new chapter in our book. Exchanging to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, will help us to meet our desire of discovering the world; the good things that it has to offer. Our eagerness to explore the world and to taste different kinds of foods have brought us together to this platform, which we will use to share our stories with you!

Asian background entwined with large Western influence, we perceive the exchange as a bridge from the West to the East, as well as the gates to our roots and potential future in Asia.

The first chapters will be mainly concentrated on our exchange destinations Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Later we will also be documenting other parts of Asia on our bucket list like South-Korea, Hainan and Taiwan.

The great and strange delicacies of Asia such as the living octopus in South-Korea, are also in our interest, thus various cuisines will be reviewed too. From time to time, we will share personal stories with you, bringing out our thoughts and viewpoints.

One of the beliefs we have upheld over the time is that by concentrating and writing down the good things of our adventures would present us a place to look back as we document the unforgettable and overwhelming chapters in our lives.




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