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A rollercoaster beginning

About two months ago, I packed my luggage and was ready to start my journey to the East. But who would have thought the beginning of this trip would turn out to be a tricky one? So, an overbooked flight led me to depart a few hours later than planned, and instead of flying directly to Hong Kong, my original plan, I had to lay-over in Shanghai ?.

The oh-so-happy-and-excited me at the beginning slowly transformed into an exhausted panda, especially because there was a delay in Shanghai too. Wanna know what’s funnier? At the airport they told me that my checked-in luggage could not be located??.

I thought my bad luck with transportation was only relevant in the Netherlands, but it turns out to be a global thing ?. Recalling those times I chased after the tram because it came a minute or two too early or when trains were cancelled just a few minutes before departure time…not the best memories haha. Oh yeah, did I mention that many of the express trains to Schiphol were delayed and then cancelled that day too?  If you live in the Netherlands, you probably know exactly what I mean – oh that kind of frustration…

And as if my commuting experience had not been extraordinary enough, my travelling time was held up again the following day ?. After checking out from my hotel room, I took a taxi to the university for the orientation week. My Cantonese was pretty lacking (and still is ??), so I showed the driver a photo with the name ‘香港中文大學’ (literally: The Chinese University of Hong Kong).

He nodded his head, which I took as he knew where I needed to be. Halfway the ride the driver asked me in Cantonese whether my university was in Hong Kong and although I thought the question was a bit strange, I replied with a yes. That was a huge mistake, which I only found out when he stopped in front of Hong Kong University ?. Conclusion: I am not very smart, am I? Basically, when people say Hong Kong it actually refers to Hong Kong Island, so you better remember that.

Fast-forward to the present, this whole experience became a very cringe-worthy memory. Although I had the craziest start, Hong Kong made up for everything. I am having the best time of my life here: the people, the food, the landscape … I am simply in love with this city! Just thinking about the fact that I will be leaving this amazing place in less than two months is enough to make me feel depressed.

Isn’t it funny how a rocky beginning can have such a wonderful twist? So, remember, sometimes things can happen unexpectedly or are beyond our control, but that does not mean we should give up, because– after a storm, there is always sunshine ?.


Looking forward to sharing more with you!

Until next time, XX.


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