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Asian snacks & desserts at Foo concepts, Rotterdam

If you love food and you have been to Asia, you know there is a lot of diversity, but also interesting snacks and desserts. Do you like matcha flavour and have you tried egg waffles before? More and more cafes are serving Asian desserts and snacks here in the Netherlands. One of them is Foo Concepts. They opened their cafe in July 2017 and they have matcha and egg waffles! I have already visited them many times. Since they opened they keep developing their menu and experiment with different flavours. Foo concepts is an Asian fusion lifestyle cafe situated on the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam. This street is full of restaurants, little shops and cafes. I hardly come on this street, so...

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Insanitea, anyone?

The sun is shining brighter than ever and the temperature is slowly increasing, thus we can finally say summer is here! We thought we will share with you a location in Rotterdam where we hang out very often, that is YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar. YoYo has three locations in Rotterdam, one nearby the Central Station, one at Rodezand (close to where V&D used to be), and one in the Markthal. Besides Rotterdam, they also have locations in Amsterdam, The Hague and even South-Korea! What is so special about YoYo? BUBBLE TEA. Do I need to say more? Besides that they sell my favourite drink, their stores always have a nice atmosphere. Their cute interior makes it the perfect place to sit down...

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First time Caribbean food in Rotterdam

You know what amazed us a lot? When we coincidentally stumbled across a Caribbean restaurant one night while we were on our way home. We literally stopped and stared at the name board that has an Aruban flag painted along the “Taberna Dushi”. Without hesitation, we told each other that we should definitely visit this place one day and taste the nostalgic Caribbean food, which we haven’t had for a long time! We wanted to lunch there but found out they were only open from 17:00 till 22:00 when we arrived at the place. It was such a failure because we were longing for some Caribbean food, but we returned for dinner when it was exactly 5 o’clock to satisfy our...

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