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안녕하세요 Annyeong haseyo! by Wahwah

안녕하세요 Annyeong haseyo!  As a guest blogger I am excited to share one of my beautiful experiences during my stay in Asia. So here we go… LET’S GO TO SEOUL! Many friends said I was crazy to choose to go to Korea over all those warm places in Asia during the winter. They said “It’s freezing”, “all the attractions are outside”, “it’s not beautiful in the winter”, “and it isn’t that exciting”.  It was true, it was ice cold! However, don’t underestimate how much warmth the city Seoul can bring you in a cold winter. I stayed with seven other friends in Hongdae area, which is a perfect place to stay. Streets in the evening were filled with people and lightning, which...

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The Goobne Chicken in Hong Kong

We were on a food hunting mission to find something tasty and filling before heading out to Repulse Bay for the beach, and we came across Goobne Chicken on the Openrice app (the food app in Hong Kong). The app and reviews described this place's chickens as "non-fried and healthy chicken pieces marinated with seven kinds of spices” so how could we resist tasty yet healthy food if it is here! The restaurant was pretty easy to find despite it was on the second floor. We  didn't have to circle around in the neighborhood much before we could find it as there was a giant sign stating 'GOOBNE CHICKEN' on that building. When we walked in, we took notice of the...

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First time Caribbean food in Rotterdam

You know what amazed us a lot? When we coincidentally stumbled across a Caribbean restaurant one night while we were on our way home. We literally stopped and stared at the name board that has an Aruban flag painted along the “Taberna Dushi”. Without hesitation, we told each other that we should definitely visit this place one day and taste the nostalgic Caribbean food, which we haven’t had for a long time! We wanted to lunch there but found out they were only open from 17:00 till 22:00 when we arrived at the place. It was such a failure because we were longing for some Caribbean food, but we returned for dinner when it was exactly 5 o’clock to satisfy our...

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