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Must-try desserts in China

When it comes to finding yummy sweets and desserts in China, my inner self would nod yes and say just take it because I will not find it back in the Netherlands (unless I am desperate enough to want the packaged powdered ones and make it myself). The most popular Chinese desserts actually come from Guangdong and there are many variations that can be served hot or cold. During my times in China, I made sure I visited enough dessert shops such as Hui Lau Shan, Honeymoon Desserts and others :). I have compiled my top 8 Chinese desserts since sharing is caring and you might end up liking them as much as I do 😝. 1. 西米露 Xī mǐ lù...

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Japanese desserts in London

If you have read our previous post about London you would know that we were in Chinatown in Soho. We have tried out quite some Chinese restaurants in the area since travelling with Chinese parents means that at least one meal a day had to be Asian food (only rice can make the stomach happy haha).  The funny story is how we came across this Japanese café. To reach Chinatown, we have to cross this wide street with no pedestrian crossing nearby, which was in our opinion one of the scariest things we did in London (no kidding, our heartbeats would fasten every time we cross over). To recover from the shock, we would take a little break from walking to...

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