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The Goobne Chicken in Hong Kong

We were on a food hunting mission to find something tasty and filling before heading out to Repulse Bay for the beach, and we came across Goobne Chicken on the Openrice app (the food app in Hong Kong). The app and reviews described this place’s chickens as “non-fried and healthy chicken pieces marinated with seven kinds of spices” so how could we resist tasty yet healthy food if it is here! The restaurant was pretty easy to find despite it was on the second floor. We  didn’t have to circle around in the neighborhood much before we could find it as there was a giant sign stating ‘GOOBNE CHICKEN’ on that building. When we walked in, we took notice of the wooden theme and its simple decor that sends us instantly into our comfort zone. Goobne Chicken is known for their ??? so of course we chose one called ‘Deep Cheese Chicken’.

This dish is consists of chicken coated with cheddar, cream mixed blue cheese powder. So for all the cheese fans out there, this is heaven ??. We were thinking whether one dish would fill the two of us, since we were quite hungry but we decided to go for it anyway since we didn’t know what to order as extra. When the chicken arrived, our jaws dropped since we did not expect the portion to be THAT large. The taste of the chicken was tender and juicy, while the cheese powder tasted pretty unique and flavory. The best thing was indeed that the chicken wasn’t greasy and that we didn’t get tired of eating the whole chicken (yeah we even found the chicken’s neck part :P) in the end. However, halfway through our chicken, we were really happy we didn’t choose more dishes because we could barely finish the entire dish without struggling and shuffling the pieces to each other. Now looking back, this was one of the best dishes we tried in Hong Kong so far. When we are back to Hong Kong, we would definitely come back here ??!

Yum yum! A close up of the chicken

Yum yum! A close up of the chicken


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