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Late post: Highlights of my Milan Trip

Hey lovelies!

I know I know, it has been forever since I wrote something here. So, how are you all doing? Great, I hope! And how is it going with the new year’s resolutions? Or should I not ask? 😂 Either way, I want to wish you a prosperous year ahead with loads of happy moments, good health and growth potential.

If you have been wondering what I have been up to the past 7-8 months, well you know, just doing the usual things like studying, working, moving, graduating…and travelling of course. I have been to Prague and Milan last summer, hence, here I am with my Milan post… Can I say with only a little bit of delay? Okay, I am really sorry about it but I have been so incredibly busy (not exaggerating at all). Juggling between 5 days of school, working part-time, trying to get enough sleep and eat healthy is definitely no easy task. But yes, I could have made time. (Hey, new year, new me! Okay no, I am still the same person but I do hope to become more productive and be better at time management this year.)

So, to few of my loyal readers who have been asking me over and over again when my next post will come out, thank you for your patience. I believe to have told you that my Milan experience will be up on the blog soon since September…well soon finally happened haha. Please forgive me. I have actually drafted this post right after getting back from the trip, but I have been delaying the process of text editing and photo selection. Just the thought of scrolling through 1500+ photos was enough to stop me from getting started. Honestly, I also don’t know how this happened, five people and five days…What I learned from this: never take more than 3 photos of the same thing. Trust me, it’s more than enough.

Oh yes, you came here to read about Milan so let’s get started. I was there from 18-23 August 2017 with my Aruba-crew to enjoy the nice warm weather. We have definitely gotten enough Vitamin D because the weather was around 25-30 degrees Celsius during the day and the sun was shining brightly from morning till night (almost like daily Aruba weather). My original plan was to go home but ticket prices to Aruba in the summer are everything but student-friendly, especially if you book late 😖. So, we decided to have a short trip and explore Milan instead.

First of all, this city is truly beautiful and very rich in culture and architecture. So, if you want to travel to somewhere nice, but don’t know where yet, I think a weekend-trip to Milan is perfect! The images of the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II are still very vividly in my mind. They were the first places we visited after dropping off our luggage at our Airbnb apartment and I recall one of the girls saying: ‘Wow, this is amazing!’. It really was. The plaza was completely filled with people at night and there were street musicians performing. We were so happy with the ambience on our first day already. Stunning view, good music and gelato, we couldn’t ask for more.

In case you want to know how you can get pictures like this one below, go before 9AM! We decided to pass by the area one morning when we went for breakfast in Brera and saw how peaceful it was. Of course, we loved visiting the plaza when everything was in its full ambiance, but it was also very amusing to experience it early in the morning right after the sun came up. Plus, you get to take very nice pictures without the crowd in the background. All I can say is, many profile pictures were taken that morning 😉.

In terms of food, I must say: Get as much pasta & pizza as you can! If you are keen on trying out some traditional pizza, you can check out Sorbillo (near Duomo). There is always a queue in front of the shop, so it is best to go right when they open for lunch (12PM) or dinner (7PM). I personally didn’t think the pizza there was much much better than the other pizza’s I was having during the trip but it could be that the service was a bit poor the day I went which could have biased my opinion. Nonetheless, all my friends who visited the city and also local friends love it, so maybe you can give it a try?

Another food-related tip is that there are many restaurants in the Galleria that are open till very late in the night. So, if it’s very late and you are in the area looking for food, this can be an option. As long as you are not on a tight budget, because it can be quite pricey to eat there. We ate at Ristorante Galleria; besides the fact that a bottle of Coca-Cola cost 7 euros, the food was very good and they had an excellent team and the service was top. I was looking for photos of the food to show you guys but couldn’t find any. My best bet? I was probably using Snapchat instead of my camera 🙈🙈.


Does gelato also count as food? I would say yes. Anyways, if you are in Milan, or Italy, you should definitely get gelato. They are just so good! What I really like is that there are so many flavours, from very creamy to very fruity tastes, and the taste is more delicious/intense than the ice cream I usually eat at home. I don’t have any specific shop to recommend for gelato since there wasn’t any I had that I didn’t like. Maybe I have been lucky or maybe they are just really good at making it? Now that I am talking about gelato, I am really craving for it despite it is winter and super cold right now haha.

If you are in Milan, you must check out Navigli, a place that is filled with great bars and restaurants. It’s also the place to be for an aperitivo (it is like a happy hour where you can enjoy a drink with friends while have free buffet for around 7-15 euros). I loved having aperitivos in Navigli because the atmosphere was superb and it is such a fun food experience. Two places I highly recommend are Manhattan and Spritz because they had really nice buffet. (FYI: spritz is also a very popular drink in Milan and it’s made with soda and Aperol.)

What I have just listed are my favourite memories of Milan, so I highly recommend checking out the abovementioned if you are travelling there, but depending on the length of your stay, there are more things to do and see. Other places I visited in Milan are Castello Sforzesco and the shopping streets. We also took a look inside the churches: Basilica de San Lorenzo, the Basilica de Sant’Ambrogio and Basilica Santa Maria Delle Grazie.

Finally, if you have more time left, like we did, I really encourage you to take a day trip to Lake Como. We took the train from Milan to Varenna-Esino, where we spent 3 hours exploring the town and then from there we took the ferry to see Bellagio. The lake and towns were so beautiful and dreamy, I won’t mind spending the whole day looking at it. Check out the photos, but I promise you, the view looks so many times better in real life!

We stayed at Via San Calocero during our stay in Milan and explored the city by feet most of the time because the location was nearby almost everything. Also, we had to move a bit because we were consuming way too many gelatos every day. (I refuse to give an exact number 😂). But there were two or three instances where we took the metro, which was also very convenient.

Oops, unknowingly this became a very long post so if you have made it to here, you are the best! All I want to say is that Milan is really a lovely city and I would definitely visit again. I hope you guys enjoyed the read and hopefully see you again soon. Until next time!



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