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London, a dream city

Since young, I have always had London stowed in a special place in my heart because it was my dream city. To me, it has always been a place that looks effortlessly magical and filled with stories that are waiting to be told. Each time I stumbled across a literature or fictional book with the setting in England, I immediately dived into the storyline while noticing the lines that describe every single detail of the surrounding, picturing in my mind how it would actually look back in history. That was how strong my enthusiasm for England was in general, I was looking forward to the day when I will set my foot onto this land filled with magic and youthful...

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Peking University the Harvard of China

Peking University is considered by the Chinese as the Harvard of China, and together with Tsinghua University the two form the most influential academic institutions in China. On the campus one will witness numerous children as young as 6 years and as old as teenages of 16, who are accompanied by elementary teachers, parents or even grandparents. This phenomenon would be mind-boggling in the Netherlands, as I have never experienced or seen an elementary school-trip to Dutch universities. In contrast to my Western perspective, this practice is actually amazing as the Chinese wish to instil the aspiration of aiming for the top as early as possibly in their children. They believe that education is the key to a prosperous future,...

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Is it the beginning or is it the ending?

On the day of departure to Beijing, I struggled out of my bed to the university to do my last exam early in the morning. Can you believe it? It is not even July yet and I am about to board the plane that would take me from the West to the East. As time continued to tick, I was reminiscing of all the good as well as the bad things in the past two years. Before my friends and I knew it, we were already entering the last stage of our bachelor, as well as our last year of being together in the same class. It struck me more and more that I am leaving the past behind, and starting...

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